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3 Little Charleston Wedding Ideas

What are the little touches you are putting on your wedding to make it yours?

How will you make it memorable both for you and your guests? As a wedding photographer in Charleston, SC I have the chance to see any number of creative southern and local traditions and other creative ideas that make things stand out.

Below are three little ideas (in no particular order) to consider for your wedding; use for Reception Design, Gifts, Thematic Decorations, or any other great reason - all ideas are local to the Charleston and surrounding areas and these can all be uniquely tailored, crafted, customized and otherwise DIYed so it has your signature all over it. And while you are considering these ideas and brainstorming others for your wedding, make sure you consider me for your wedding photography. I shot each of the photos below.

Special Note for this Edition of 3 Little Things - All These Ideas and about 100 more can be shopped every weekend in the Charleston City Market downtown off of East Bay Street. Many of these vendors are experienced wedding suppliers and will offer discounted rates for large purchases.

If you are in the mood for more pictures and ideas Get Inspired by my Pinterest Boards... or check out my portfolio

1) Sweetgrass Baskets!

The Charleston area is synonymous with these baskets and vendors can be found in every part of the City Market, inside and out. The large baskets could be used as table center pieces, or for a flower girl, or the head table... they are stunning and make for beautiful decorations and pictures. Tons of texture and detail can be found in these handwoven baskets and they make for beautiful photos and can be reused for a lifetime as needed.

Just about every vendor will also do Sweetgrass Roses - Fresh Green or Tan/Brown depending on your preferences. Buy them for individual keepsake gifts, welcome bags, or table decorations. You can generally get 30-50% off when you buy them in bulk for weddings.

2) Grits!

What is Southern Cooking without grits? I spotted 1lb and 2lb bags that could be used for awesome table decorations that will get cleaned up for you by people who will take them home and cook them. You could consider adding name tags for seating or table numbers easily as well. What do you think?

3) Handmade Charleston and Beach Themed Ornaments

One of my favorite items I found while walking around - These are made by Teri Whitner. You can find her on Etsy as well as downtown at the City Market. The ornaments are beautiful and make great keepsakes for Palmtree (or Pine) Christmas Trees. Custom orders and Wedding discounts are available, just let her know.

Click on the bold text for the Teri Whitner Etsy Link

4) (Bonus!) Stylin' Southern Sun Hats!

It's South Carolina... It's the Summer... you need a hat. A big one. Your guests do as well. This is a bonus I mention here that is part of my article 4 Critical Things You Must Have for Your Southern Wedding. Hats make for great pictures and keepsakes from the wedding. Your guests will love you for this, or at the very least appreciate the heads up that personal shade is a priority in this sun.
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